My Tryst with the Indian Beauty Boxes (August 2013)

Dear Chikoo,

In the month of August,I decided to subscribe to not One but Two Beauty Boxes.The first one was the ‘TRYNBUY TRYBOX’ and the second one was the ‘VELLVETTE BOX‘.

The idea of receiving a beauty box is fun.Though there is a commercially viable business model behind it.And it is no different than ordering something online.It felt like I was receiving a gift.Though it was only from myself.Still it was really super fun.

My ‘TRYNBUY TRYBOX’ contained the following items:-

NEUTROGENA FINE FAIRNESS TONER (Pros:Good Scent,Mild  & Cons:Slight discomfort if it goes into the eyes)

NEUTROGENA FINE FAIRNESS EYE CREAM (Gave it 2 Papa,He said his dark circles did vanish in a day!)

NEUTROGENA DEEP CLEAN FACIAL CLEANSER (Loved it’s scent,Good cleansing ability)

NEUTROGENA LIP MOISTURIZER (Didn’t open yet;saving it for the future)

I liked the fact that the box arrived early in the month.The presentation also was quite good.


Lets review the VELLVETTE BOX next…………………………

The ‘VELLVETTE BOX’ contained the following items:-

SALLY HANSEN LIP PLUMPER-SHEER BARE(It causes a tingling sensation,has cinnamon flavor and did it’s job as a lip plumper quite well.A general recommendation for those with sensitive lips is to apply a lip moisturizer like Nivea before application of the lip plumper.)

H20+ SEA MINERAL MUD MASK(It’s freaking blue ! And it had a cooling sensation.My skin was smooth after use.)

FIGS & ROUGE ALOE AND MINT BALM(Have heard a lot of good reviews about it so will keep it for future use in the winters.)

It was actually not a Box but a Black Bag which I simply loved.Also it was scented which made it even more delightful.


Please enjoy the photo with my Balcony view. 🙂

Well then see you later.Come home for Ganesh.

-Love V.

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