My Tryst with the Indian Beauty Boxes (September 2013)

Dear Chikoo,

You will be happy this time cause the ‘TRYNBUY TRYBOX’ contains Biotique Men’s Hamper.So this review is based from a 3rd person perspective.In gaming terms this is a Third person shooter not an RPG.

My ‘TRYNBUY TRYBOX’ contained the following items:-

BIO SEAKELP SHOWER GEL (Pros: Nice cooling sensation on use & Cons:None I could find )

BIO GRASS AFTER SHAVE GEL (I gave it to my brother , let’s see what he says)

BIO APPLE HAIR CLEANSER (Pros:Hair do become shiny and smooth & Cons: Green apple scent should remain after bath)

BIO ORANGE NOURISHING LOTION (Pros:Loved it’s mild scent & Cons:Couldn’t notice any marked difference from other Vitamin E lotions)

BIO ORRIS FACE & BODY CLEANSER (Pros:Lathers well & Cons:Distasteful scent)

BIO CUCUMBER FACE FRESHNER (Pros: Beautiful green in colour,Gentle on the skin & Cons:None I could find  )

BIO BASIL TALC (Pros: I spilled the whole contents hence can’t write about any pros & Cons:Even though it is a sample ; A talcum powder should not be packaged in such a way that when you open it , you become a white ghost )

That’s all that is too it.I have one more box which has not yet arrived which is the ‘VELLVETTE BOX’. I will write about it later.Good Night 4 now.

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