Oils 4 ur Scalp

Dear Chikoo,

I recently discovered a new way of thinking to tackle my hair problems.Have you ever wondered that why things that work for your friends don’t work for you?

Using the ancient Indian form of medicine ‘Ayurveda’,I have ventured forth to find the reason.And here it is…………………

A human skin,hair and nature are the composite result of our constitution called ‘PRAKRITIS.

PRAKRITIS are basically of 3 types:-




When these 3 types get unbalanced within our body we suffer.Here are some symptoms given below:-


For example if there is unbalance due to excess PITTA then we have a PITTA DOSHA. If there is unbalance due to excess VATA then we have a VATA DOSHA. And  if there is unbalance due to excess KHAPA then we call it a KHAPA DOSHA.Each DOSHA brings forth a different type of skin/emotional/hair issue/features.See the chart below.


To find your constitution(Prakruti) and ailment (Vkriti/Dosha), You can also take a test online at

Option 1



Option 2


Once you know your Prakruti use the following chart and pick out an Base oil and Essential oil (6-15 drops for 2 tablespoons) suited to your Prakriti.

Say you have a Prakruti of type Kapha(me),then you are bound have a Kapha dosha since your Kapha will increase faster than others hence you have to use Kapha-calming oils for the Kapha type(SEE TABLE BELOW).

In most cases,people have dual doshas,say Kapha-Pitta(as in my case),then you take the external envionment (season/weather you stay in) into account and concentrate on a particular dosha. (I have to calm Kapha during wet weather and Pitta during warm weather). See below how to manage similar conditions.


Always do a patch test of all the oils you plan to use.If your scalp feels scratchy,discontinue use.The main point is that you should feel better after using that oil mix not worse.

Here is the list of Base oils:-

Almond oil  Nourishes a dry scalp Coconut oil Reduces Hair loss or thinning due to medication, hormonal changes, stress and pollution. Mustard oil [not in summer] For Hair-shine and Split ends
Olive oil It has oleic acid similar to castor oil so mix the 2 together and apply for better results. Olive oil Prevents the formation of dihydro- testosterone, a hormone causing male-pattern hair loss & hair thinning in women. Olive oil If you have thick but unmanageable hair, olive oil is a great  remedy.
Sesame oil Stress reliever & relaxant Jojoba  oil Brings out  the natural hair colour and keeps hair tangle-free.But it can cause allergies.

And here is the list of Essential oils as per Ayurveda:-

Ashwa gandha/ Bala          oil  For Glossy hair & Soothing the scalp Amla  oil Cooling effect.Take caution if u have hypertension, diabetes, immuno suppression, etc. Neem     oil For scalp itching or infection
Castor/       Eranda    oil For thick hair & to alleviate scalp infection Hibiscus oil Clarifying effect Tulsi      oil Improves blood circulation in the scalp.
Bramhi   oil Calms & aids sound sleep Sandal wood oil Used for moisturization Bramhi   oil  Anti inflammatory
Calamus/ Vaccha   oil Brain tonic for scalp Bringa raja oil Promotes hair growth and rejuvenates the mind.  Bringa raja oil Reduces dandruff, grows fresh hair
Bilwa/      Beel        oil Darkens the hair roots making hair shiny

You could also use this list which is more based on Western sources:-

Camphor oil Relaxant But it can cause allergies. Gardenia Cooling oil Sage Light and Simulating oil
Cinnamon oil Head  ache   cure. Mint Cooling oil Pine Light and Simulating oil
Cypress oil Regulates blood flow to the scalp. Rose Very useful. Cooling oil.
Cedar Light and Simulating oil
Jasmine oil Moisturizes dry skin Jasmine oil Reduces acne.  Myrrh Light and Simulating oil
Pomegranate Seed Oil  Revitalizes dull and dry hair.
Pomegranate Seed Oil  Revitalizes dull and dry hair.
Avocado oil For hair fall, dandruff & thinning hair. Avocado oil  For hair fall, dandruff & thinning hair.

As my  personal experience,I have found that since I am a Kapha with Pitta ailment,the following items suit me more:-

1. Hair Oil-Coconut(I use Parachute scalpie therapy,I am planning to add rose/hibiscus oil to it now)

2. Moisturizer-Jojoba oil(I use Nivea soft)

3.Face pack-Neem (I use Himalaya)

Hope this helps.

-Love V.

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  1. Very Informative, It good to know that even simple hair problems have such interesting explanations 🙂

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